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The State Lawmaker Filed 5 bills

The State Lawmaker Filed 5 bills to bring High Internet in Rural Areas

The state lawmakers has already filed five bills this legislative session in order to give the best highest Internet speed to the rural areas, So that the peoples who live in rural areas will also be able to access the best speed of Internet.

Who Authored these bills?

These are some politician who charged those five bills this legislative session:-  R-Lubbock, Four Price, R-Amarillo, Senator Charles Perry, and Reps. Charles “Doc” Anderson. Because of these peoples there are chances that the Internet speed will be improve in rural areas.

Senate Bill 1103 and House Bill 2423

The Senate Bill 1103 and House Bill 2423 these both bill has created the Broadband office which take care of the new installation and maintenance of broadband in the rural areas.  

Some of the release state SB 1104 and HB 2422 has tried to do the deployment of fiber-optic cables, on state-owned land.  And HB 1960 had created the Broadband council which take care and improve the access of Internet in the rural areas.

By the way, these all the Bills are files on 5th March and we have only seen the movement yet on HB 1960. As per the Texas Legislature Online website it was found that the HB 1960 has been read for the first time on Tuesday and after that they passed it to the House Committee on State Affairs.

What does Joey Anderson?

Joey Anderson the Chief Executive Officer said that his Muenster-based company has spent there much time to expanding their services to the rural areas. He also told that the communication company who files the new bills, he is learning about them and want to know how these recent filed bills will be benefited for these rural areas.

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