“When you work with our devoted team of site managing professionals, our wireless engineering expertise helps you direct through the unique experiments of the rooftop and tower infrastructure business.”


With over 15 years of wireless infrastructures site administration experience, Telecom Geneva is among the leading communications site management companies in America. We help property holders transform idle rooftops and other structures into income-producing assets, shortening the agreement process for them, carters, system integrators and other parties. We monitor every site to ensure FAA/FCC compliance, and offer cost-effective solutions for structural and technical challenges.

  • Increase chance to monetize rooftop and tower space
  • Arcade your property directly to national wireless carters
  • Sustain better income flow with managed accounting, billing and collections
  • Offload non-core wireless tenant issues to your wireless expert at TG
  • Partner with a trusted advisor to navigate the unique wireless industry


A best-in-class-marketing platform provides prominence to third party-owned properties countrywide and directly promotes to key wireless carriers.

Our site marketing supervisors, located in more than ten regional offices, provide responsive customer support at a local level.

Site Administration

Our secretarial and site management teams implement industry primary contract and records management, billing, revenue management and Government compliance.


Dedicated corporate counsel support of third party-owned property leasing saves property owners the cost and time to negotiate site license agreements with national wireless carriers.

Technical Operation

Technical operations ensure regulatory compliant design, installation and operation. Onsite presence nationwide where necessary minimizes impact to your core business activities.