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How Technology Has Changed The World

The internet has made the world a Global village, and its absence would cause all hell to break loose. Imagine coming home from after a long day of work and then wanting to curl up in a ball and stream the new episode of GoT… but then the internet doesn’t co-operate!? It can be agreed upon, that buffering is one of the first world problems. Having to depend upon other external Wi-Fi sources for the most mundane tasks like paying online bills, or completing assignments, simply to save monthly mobile data, can be much more than just frustrating. Well, this isn’t as fictional as it may sound. Quite precisely, this was the plight of Rural Pennsylvanians, to whom high internet speed was a luxury!

Major Problems

In spite of the massive demand, telecommunications companies refused to invest in rural areas, because their investments seldom resulted in any returns. The situation was much more serious than it now sounds. It was problematic to such an extent, that it demanded the State and Federal Governments’ attention. Motivated by those incentives and support from the public, 3 companies stepped in to take care of the matter and make high-speed internet available even in rural areas.

How state helped

One among these three companies was Butler-based Armstrong Broadband which started with installations about last fall and expects results by this spring. They also reportedly received $2.6 Million and $1.2 Million from the Federal Communications Commission’s Connect America Fund and Gov. Tom Wolf’s Broadband Investment Incentive Program respectively. The target areas included southern and eastern Erie County and also parts of Crawford and Mercer counties. The involvement of the Government in solving issues regarding public interest is pretty progressive and satisfactory. However, some doubt these initiatives since they might result in wastage of resources. For instance, in 2017 when Verizon didn’t do justice to the $23.6 Million the FCC had allotted to it for the purpose of expansion of services.

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